About Us

NOSUGAR philosophy means cutting out all the unnecessary to bring out the authentic taste of you. Taking out all the fake, all the shiny and flashy we add more authenticity and individuality.

It’s time when being YOU is the most iconic fashion statement.

Not chasing after trends, after opinions, not hiding your personality behind the masks dictated by the outside world. It is time when less is more. By showing less, respecting yourself more, feeling worthy, show the outside world your inner self through the clothes you wear, not despite them.

No sugar coating – only the real you wrapped in elegance and confidence.



Ξ for women who want to be taken seriously and respected at work, school and their surroundings.
Ξ for women who always want to look well put together but as if they spend no effort at it, like it comes easy and naturally to them…
Ξ for busy women, who don’t always have time to spend hours on getting dressed in the morning… 
Ξ for women, who want to save time and money on shopping but always have fresh looks to wear…

In our collection, most of the items can be mixed and matched, and most probably can be easily integrated into your existing wardrobe.

We pay special attention to fabrics. Some of the materials are manmade but we make sure they are of good quality and are pleasant and comfortable in wear.

The items are carefully selected and tried on for the best fit. It is important for us that the clothes don’t only look good on a hanger but sit well on a real body. Our models are ordinary women with no professional background in modeling, and no standard model-like measurements.

We don’t use much editing or photoshop, just some lights and a semi-professional camera, thus, trying to make clothes look as real as possible.

NOSUGAR clothes are exclusively selected to make you look fabulous!